Compounding Pharmacy medications in Australia are continuing to grow in popularity, but there is not always necessarily a Compounding Pharmacy local to you. For that reason, we have an active involvement in the Australian integrative medicine community, catering to patients and doctors not only in our local area or state but also in the wider Australian community.
COVID-19 has also placed further barriers or concerns for patient access, yet as long as our postal systems continue to operate, our patients can still receive the same high-quality medications that they always have.
The lack of face-to-face contact for our non-local patients is never an issue, as we are granted the freedom to spend time thoroughly and accurately counseling and discussing patient questions and concerns over the phone. Another benefit of being freely available on the phone for patients is that we can be contacted any time during our business operating hours, have the freedom for written communication if preferred, and are able to give each patient the one-on-one time and attention that they deserve.
Did you know that we are solely a compounding facility? This means compounding is our specialty. We do not have a community pharmacy retail presence which allows us to devote 100% of our expertise to compounded medications.
We are also an Australian family-owned and operated business, with second-generation pharmacist Chris Testa at the helm. We take pride in our philosophy to go the extra mile for our patients (both human and animal), doctors, practitioners, and clinicians. For us, each patient is multi-faceted, and we consider all of their needs and concerns (and species) when formulating their individualised compounded medication.

If you require any help in your medication, contact Tugun Compounding Pharmacy on (07) 5598 2411, or visit our website for additional information: