One of Australia's most respected Compounding Pharmacists

Chris Testa's Tugun Compounding Pharmacy is the largest compounding pharmacy in Queensland and one of the larger facilities in Australia.

The Testa family have a long history in pharmaceutical compounding. Tony Testa (Chris’ father) established his first pharmacy in the 1950’s.

Tony received his technical training at a time when most prescriptions were compounded and, through his skill and knowledge, maintained the focus on compounding at his various pharmacies. Tony became regarded as the compounding specialist on the Gold Coast.

Chris and Tony Testa built a facility comprising three laboratories and a research, development and training area. Since then the facility has undergone 4 major upgrades to incorporate growth and advances in technology.

Chris is proud of his reputation for quality and service, working closely with all our patients as well as a wide range of healthcare professionals including GPs, specialists, veterinarians, dentists and naturopaths.