Sanitiser Surface Spray with Ethanol 70%

Tugun Compounding Hand Sanitiser

Are you in need of keeping your workplace sanitised? We are now compounding surface spray, in addition to the hand sanitiser for businesses.

Chris Testa's Tugun Compounding Pharmacy helps you optimise your health results by tailoring medications to your specific needs.

Individualised Nutritional Therapies

Achieving the highest consistent quality, we provide nutrient programs of vitamins, minerals & amino acids personalised to address your specific biochemical needs.

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Hormone Replacement

Where commercially manufactured products tend to have a one size fits all approach, compounding provides for our individual differences.

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Cosmeceuticals & Topical Anaesthetics

Compounding many preparations for dermatologists, plastic & cosmetic surgeons, beauty therapists, other skin care specialists, and their clients.

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One of Australia's most respected Compounding Pharmacists 

My family established our first compounding pharmacy in the 1950's. Today, as the largest and most experienced compounding pharmacy in Queensland, and one of the largest in Australia, we are the compounder of choice for GP's, specialists, veterinarians, dentists, naturopaths, and skin care specialists. View Practitioner Information

Chris and Tony Testa built a facility comprising three laboratories and a research, development and training area. Since then the facility has undergone 4 major upgrades to incorporate growth and advances in technology. More About Us

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Our Partners and Industry Associates

We partner with Griffith University and have together published studies confirming the accuracy, purity and stability of our products. See an example.

The compounder of choice for healthcare professionals Australia wide.

Compounding Chemist for Doctors and Surgeons

Our consistent ability to achieve the highest quality and efficacy is maintained through an absolute approach to sourcing quality raw materials compounded by highly trained technicians in the most technologically advanced facilities. Contact us to discuss your patients needs or download the prescription form.